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Montreal Steppers is a performance collective and non-profit organization committed to the art form of step – a black diasporic dance that uses the body as an instrument to create rhythms and beats, through stomps, claps, and chants. 

Founded in 2019, the organization has used stepping to influence dialogue around the importance of black art, black lives, and black history in Canada, by way of workshops and performances. 

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The Route to Canada is a live presentation of the art form of step, spoken word and song highlighting the resilience, creativity, influence of our ancestors in the African Diaspora.

Rooted in the African traditions of storytelling and call and response, the showcase focuses on Black Canadian History. A combination of powerful and energetic stomps, claps and a vocal ensemble to illustrate the long journey of Black folks to Canada through Slavery, the Underground Railroad and Migration. It’s a celebration of the journeys, stories and sacrifices of ancestors who have paved the way for us all.

Route to Canada Attendee

"Art has the ability to reach beyond our minds and touch our hearts and uplift our souls. This performance and these talented performers brought people in the audience together and helped us to connect with one another even when we had no idea or intention of this happening."
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